Call a Professional Plumber: Best Way to Clear a Blocked Shower Drain

Have you ever stepped into your shower to find yourself ankle-deep in dirty water? A clogged shower drain is one of the most frustrating plumbing issues you can face. Before you reach for that bottle of chemical drain cleaner under the sink, stop. That stuff is nasty and rarely actually fixes the problem. Instead, do yourself and your pipes a favour and call a professional plumber to clear your blocked shower drain the right way.

Trying to DIY this repair often ends up causing more damage and costing more in the long run. Plumbers have the proper tools, training, and experience to diagnose the issue, whether it’s a buildup of hair and soap scum, small toys or other debris clogging the drain, or more serious pipe problems. They can clear your drains and get your shower flowing freely again without damaging your plumbing or the environment. Save yourself the hassle and potential mess. Call your local plumber for fast, affordable and professional shower drain clearing services. Your pipes and your wallet will thank you.

Why You Should Call a Professional Plumber for a Blocked Shower Drain

When you have a blocked shower drain, calling a professional plumber is your best move. Here’s why:

 – They have the proper tools and equipment. Plumbers have high-powered snakes and hydro jetters that can break up clogs you have no chance of clearing on your own.

– They locate the clog. Plumbers can use cameras to find the exact location and cause of your clog, whether it’s hair, soap scum, or something else. That way they can determine the best approach to unclogging your drain.

– They prevent damage. Trying to unclog a drain yourself can lead to scratched fixtures, leaks, and even broken pipes. Plumbers have the skills and experience to clear clogs without causing damage.

– They fix the underlying issue. A plumber can repair or replace your pipes if there are any issues enabling clogs to form more easily. They can also recommend ways for you to reduce clogs in the future through things like hair catchers, less harsh chemicals, and plumbing maintenance.

– They guarantee their work. Professional plumbers stand behind their services. If your clog returns shortly after they clear and fix it, they will come back out to remedy the situation at no additional cost.

When you’ve got a blocked shower drain, save yourself the hassle and call a plumber. They have the expertise and equipment to get your water flowing freely again and ensure your plumbing is functioning as it should. Calling a pro is really the most effective and efficient approach, so you can get back to enjoying your shower!

DIY Methods to Avoid for Unclogging a Shower Drain

We get it, a clogged shower drain is frustrating. While the DIY temptation is real, avoid amateur plumbing and call a pro instead. Those chemical drain cleaners and snaking contraptions often do more harm than good.

– Chemical drain cleaners are nasty and rarely effective. They just burn through clogs, damaging your pipes in the process. The clog will likely return, and now you have corroded pipes to deal with. No thanks!

– Snaking a shower drain seems easy but is tricky to do properly. You can easily scratch your tub or tiles, or push the clog deeper into the pipe where it’s harder to remove. Not to mention you have to deal with that gross, sopping wet snake when you’re done. Ick!

– Plungers typically don’t create a tight enough seal to be effective for showers and risk splashing dirty water everywhere. Double ick!

Instead of risking damage or making a mess of your bathroom, call a licensed plumber. They have the proper tools and training to clear your shower drain in no time. A plumber can also inspect your pipes to determine the cause of frequent clogs, like hair or soap buildup, and recommend solutions to prevent the problem from recurring.

Why waste money on ineffective DIY methods when a plumber can solve your shower drain woes safely and professionally? Save yourself the hassle and call a plumber for the best solution to your stopped-up shower. Your pipes and your patience will thank you!

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Signs You Have a Severely Blocked Shower Drain

Slow or backed up drainage

If your shower seems to be draining slower than usual or is even backing up, that’s a sign you likely have a clog. As gunk, hair, soap scum and other debris build up over time, they form clogs that prevent water from flowing freely down the drain. Try unclogging the drain yourself using a plunger, liquid drain cleaner or a manual snake. If that doesn’t do the trick, it’s best to call a plumber to avoid potential damage.

Standing water

If your shower floor remains covered in standing water for more than a few minutes after turning off the water, you definitely have a blocked drain. Standing water can lead to mildew and mould growth, not to mention a slipping hazard. Get the clog cleared ASAP by a professional to avoid permanent water damage or a flooded bathroom.

Strange noises

As drains get increasingly clogged, you may hear strange gurgling sounds as the water struggles to get through. Loud burbling, sloshing and even squealing noises indicate your clog has gotten quite severe. Don’t ignore these warning signs – call a plumber right away to have your drain properly snaked before the clog causes a complete blockage.

Slow drains elsewhere

A blocked shower drain can sometimes affect other drains in the same plumbing system. If you notice sinks, tubs or toilets in your home starting to drain slowly as well, that’s a sign the clog in your shower drain may have gotten huge and spread to other drains. Have a plumber conduct a professional drain cleaning to clear any severe clogs before they get worse and flood your home.

When multiple signs point to a severely blocked shower drain, don’t delay – contact a licensed plumber in your area to have it properly unclogged. They have the equipment, tools and expertise to clear even the most stubborn clogs and get your shower water flowing freely once again.

How Professional Plumbers Clear Blocked Shower Drains

When your shower drain gets clogged, calling a professional plumber is your best option to get it cleared and flowing freely again. DIY methods often only provide a temporary solution, while a pro can fix the root cause of the issue.

Snaking the Drain

Plumbers have the proper tools, like handheld drain snakes, to snake through your plumbing and break up any clogs. They insert the snake down your shower drain and rotate it to grab onto any hair, soap scum, or debris blocking the pipe. As they pull the snake back out, it clears the clog and restores water flow. For tough clogs, they may need to use a power snake.

Hydro Jetting

For severely blocked drains, hydro jetting is very effective. Plumbers use high-pressure water jets to blast apart clogs and debris. The powerful spray of water can clear out pipes in seconds that would take hours to clear manually. Hydro Jetting is also better for your plumbing since it doesn’t scrape the inside of the pipes like snaking can.

Repair or Replace

If your plumber finds damage to your shower drain or larger plumbing issues causing backups, they can repair or replace the necessary parts to fix the problem permanently. It’s best to address any damage to avoid future clogs or leaks. Spotting issues early also prevents small problems from becoming big, expensive repairs down the road.

Rather than wasting time and money on DIY methods or products that don’t work well, call a licensed plumber to professionally clear your blocked shower drain. They have the proper training, tools, and experience to do the job thoroughly so you can get back to showering with confidence again. No more standing in inches of water or waiting for drains to slowly empty—a professional plumbing service can make your water flow freely once more.

Blocked Shower Drain

FAQ: Blocked Shower Drains

What causes blocked shower drains?

The most common culprits for blocked shower drains are:

– Hair – As you shower, hair falls out and washes down the drain, getting caught on the drain stopper or grate. Over time, more hair collects and clogs the pipe.

– Soap scum – The buildup of soap, shampoo, and body wash residue can stick to the inside of pipes and accumulate into blockages.

– Drain catchers – Many shower drains have built-in drain catchers or stoppers to prevent large debris from entering the pipe. These can get clogged over time and need to be cleaned out.

How can I unclog a blocked shower drain myself?

Before calling a plumber, try these DIY methods:

– Use a plunger – Place the plunger over the drain and plunge up and down forcefully until you break up the clog. Repeat if necessary. The suction can dislodge hair and soap clogs.

– Use a liquid drain cleaner – Pour a commercial hair clog remover, like Drano®, down the drain according to the directions on the product. Let it sit for 15-30 minutes and then flush with hot water. The chemicals help dissolve clogs.

– Use a drain snake – You can rent a small hand crank or electric drain snake at your local hardware store. Feed the snake down the drain until you hit and break up the clog, then pull out.

– Remove the drain stopper – If your shower has a built-in stopper or grate, unscrew or pry it off and clean out any debris before reassembling. This may require an adjustable wrench or pliers.

If these methods don’t work, it’s best to call a professional plumber to have them clear and inspect your shower drain and pipes. They have the proper tools and equipment to fully clear tough clogs and ensure there are no other issues with your plumbing.


So there you have it, the reasons why trying to unclog a shower drain yourself is usually not worth the hassle and frustration. As homeowners, we always want to try to save a buck when we can, but a blocked shower drain is one of those situations where it really does pay to call in a professional. A plumber has the proper tools, training, and experience to clear your drain quickly and efficiently so you can get back to enjoying your shower. They can also spot any other potential plumbing issues and address them before they become big, expensive problems down the road. Do yourself a favour and call your local plumber to unclog that shower drain – your patience, sanity, and water bill will thank you.

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