5 Items You Should Never Flush Down the Toilet

Toilets are designed to manage human waste. However, you must not throw away other items in your toilets. Flushing some household items may cause clogs to your drainpipes. It may also cause environmental damage and pollute the water system.

Your pipes are very narrow, and if you toss any item in them, it leads to plumbing issues. You will ultimately need to hire professionals to clean the drain. So, find a list of things that can cause a blocked toilet  and other plumbing issues.

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1. Toilet Paper and Paper Towels

Sometimes, you use facial tissues and paper towels when you have no toilet papers. However, paper towels are not the right substitute because they can cause blockages to your drains. These special towels can absorb water instead of dissolving in it. So, there is a risk of toilet blockages if you dispose of paper towels. Use your trash can to discard your tissues and paper towels.

Plumbing issues also occur if you regularly throw away your toilet paper into your toilet. It will be challenging to flush due to the clogs in the pipes.

2. Hair and Dental Floss

Drains and pipes may have blockages because of the buildup of dental floss and hair. Teflon is present in dental floss and does not easily break down in water. It also blends with other materials in your sewer system to form big balls. Hair strands may also stick to your pipe’s interior. The mix of dental floss and hair creates a net-like effect. So, other trash may get stuck in it and cause damage to your septic system’s motor.

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3. Grease and Cooking Oil

Some people flush the grease and cooking oil down their toilets. The hot oil gets solidified once it cools. So, it will get stuck inside your pipe and cause clogs. The blockage becomes bigger when more fats harden. After cooking your meals every day, allow grease and oil to cool and solidify. You can then throw them in the trash. Your toilet is not the right place to discard the remaining cooking oil.

4. Pet’s Litter

Your toilet is designed to manage only human waste. If you flush your cat’s litter down the toilet, it may release harmful parasites and other germs into your water supply system. Cat litter also swells and obstructs your pipes. Moreover, litter will be abrasive to your old plumbing pipes. If you flush cat poop in a sewer, the bacteria may contaminate the local water bodies.

5. Feminine Products

Women often flush their sanitary pads down the toilets. When they soak in liquid, these products become larger. Ultimately, they will block the pipes connected to your septic system, causing toilet water to overflow. Discard your feminine products in your garbage holder.


If you currently experience flushing issues in your toilet, call plumbers Brisbane. They will detect the clogs inside the pipe and provide the best solution. They will also recommend disposing of your waste in a trash can.

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